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Root canal treatment in Bristol

What is endodontics and why do people need root canal’s?

root-canalEndodontics, more commonly known as root canal therapy, is the treatment of diseased or injured dental pulp and its supporting tissues. Pulp is a core of nerves and blood vessels that sits inside a space called a root canal in the centre of a tooth and each tooth can have one or more root canals.

Root canal treatment is a procedure that is designed to prevent infection from spreading once the living pulp tissue has been damaged or decayed, preserving as much of the tooth structure as possible, thereby avoiding having to have the tooth removed. Using special endodontic instruments under local anaesthetic, the infected pulp is carefully removed and the root canal system thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. The empty root canal is then filled with a special substance and permanently sealed to prevent any further infection. After treatment a restoration, usually a filling, is fitted to strengthen the tooth or in some cases we will also recommend a crown to provide additional protection to the treated tooth.

Root canal treatment has a high success rate, but it can be a complex procedure, especially on a tooth with many curved or narrow canals that can make access difficult. In more complex cases we may refer you to an endodontic specialist for the best outcome.

For a quick and easy referral, visit our specialist practice the Dental Referral Centre.

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